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BAM stands for Because Agriculture Matters.

We are on a mission to put more climate-smart crops into your favorite foods and beverages. Why? We believe in supporting soil health, personal health, and improving American agriculture.

Our buckwheat milk is America’s first.

We picked buckwheat because it's more environmentally friendly than almond milk and more nutrient dense than oat milk.


As a crop, buckwheat is climate-smart and inherently regenerative. Farmers love to grow buckwheat because it is a phosphorus scavenger, weed-suppressor, pollinator-friendly, short-cycle cover crop that improves the soil and increases its resilience to climate change.


By introducing climate-smart, regenerative crops like buckwheat into delicious products like our BAM Buckwheat Milk, we can create the demand farmers need to grow more of these crops. It’s also an invitation for all of us non-farmers to engage in the agricultural conversation in an approachable way.

Growing up in California’s agricultural heartland, I’ve always had an interest in how food is grown and a respect for those who grow what we eat. The Central Valley has been burdened by a long-term, devastating drought. Almond orchards are being removed in favor of low-water crops. Seeing this made me rethink my daily almond milk habit, which developed due to a dairy allergy.

Whether for allergen concerns, environmental or health reasons, more of us pick plant-based instead of cow’s milk. I knew buckwheat could be the source for a better milk as it delivers on all fronts: personal health, environmental health, and delicious taste!

Each serving of BAM boasts at least 4g+ of complete protein from gluten-free, certified organic buckwheat and never more than 2g of sugar in a cup. BAM is always Organic, Non-GMO, Kosher, and 100% clean label. I can’t wait for you to taste the deliciously smooth, slightly nutty taste of buckwheat!

Cheers to a better milk!
Founder and CEO