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Introducing BAM

Buckwheat and more!

Welcome to BAM, we are glad you’re here! If you live in Southern California, you’ll be able to try our first product line, Buckwheat Milk, soon! We’ve spent the past couple of years creating a deliciously creamy, slightly nutty plant-based milk you’ll love. This is also America’s first buckwheat milk, and we think that’s awesome.

First things first: buckwheat is a seed, not wheat or even a grain! Its name is confusing, we know, but we figure if we all learned how to pronounce quinoa (keen-wa, just in case) then it won’t take long to grasp that despite its name, buckwheat is a seed!

When we say BAM is Better, here’s why we believe that:

  • Buckwheat is a complete plant-based protein which means it has all 9 essential amino acids. Every serving of BAM’s Buckwheat Milk has at least 4g of protein. Our Extra Creamy option has 8g!
  • We keep the sugar content low, (2g per serving or less in every cup!) and the ingredient list is 100% clean! We believe in using only recognizable, simple ingredients so you won’t find any junk in our products.
  • Buckwheat is a climate-smart, regenerative-friendly crop that farmers love to grow because it makes the soil healthier.

BAM is more than just Buckwheat Milk. BAM stands for Because Agriculture Matters and we’re on a mission to introduce more climate-smart crops into popular food and beverage products to support soil health, personal health, and improve American agriculture. The word BAM is simple and catchy and you can decide how much (or little!) you want to pay attention to that mission, but we hope it serves as a friendly, subtle reminder that everything we eat starts with, and is dependent upon, our soil.

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In the meantime, check out our BAM 101 page for even more about our brand and products, and our Hey, Buckwheat! post for a deep dive into this incredible seed.

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